Use Cases


When it comes to training data for machine learning models, Sequence helps you to annotate images or text data with all your criteria in mind. With our platform we are able to break down and distribute tasks to our workers for annotation, strictly following your guidelines and requirements - helping you to reduce manual workload while getting fast and accurate results.

Picture of a road lined by trees, there is a pedestrian and a car. The car is outlined using a bounding box.
Image Annotation for Autonomous Driving
Aerial view of a housing area with trees, roads and fields. The trees are outlined using polygon lines.
Image Annotation for Satellite Imagery
A shelf in a supermarket with many bottled drinks. Each botted is outlined with a bounding box.
Image Annotation for Retail Shops
Get me a train from London to Paris for tomorrow at 9:00 PM. Some words are labelled with tags: location, date and time.
Text Annotation

Tagging / Categorisation

Data tagging and categorisation are key to managing the storage, protection, access, search and use of you data. Enable your customers to easily find products on your website or optimise your sentiment analysis process for product reviews.

Search relevance for “laptop 4 GB ram” shows one positive result and one negative result.
Search Relevance
A laptop has product tags: apple, laptop, electronics.
Product Tagging for Retail
Scenery with image tags: beach, sea, sky, cloud.
Image Tagging
Sentiment analysis and categorisation of two product reviews. One is labelled Good and one is labelled Bad.
Feedback Categorisation

Data Quality Management

Data quality has a direct impact on your ROI and is too important to ignore. Sequence offers a simple way to collect, verify and compare data so that your business can focus on data-driven decision making and directly leverage it’s value.

Spreadsheet with columns: Company, Address and Phone no. One column is filled out, the other two columns need to be filled.
Data Collection
An identity card. Data list for name, date of birth and address are correct in comparison to the card.
Data Verification
Comparison of the price for two tablets that are side by side.
Data Comparison
An identity card. A video call that verifies the person is the same as the person on identity card.
KYC (Know Your Customer)


Transcribe with Sequence to optimise sharing, storing and use of your data. At Sequence, we believe that transcription shouldn’t be a bottleneck to running efficient, cost-effective and organised operations.

Text transcription of items and price from a receipt.
Text transcription of items and price from an invoice.
Text transcription of items and price from a purchase order.
Purchase Order
A scan of the word Hello.
Checking OCR output

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