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Sequence provides straight-forward annotation and classification for data science teams. Gain more accuracy, completeness, and uniformity across all your datasets.

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Image Annotation

Sequence provides high-quality image annotation through our optimised ready-to-use solutions. We specialise in bounding-box and polygon annotation for any machine learning project. Harness our services and tools to power your object detection, computer vision, or image segmentation projects. Identify products on supermarket shelves, improve obstacle-detection for self-driving cars, or identify shapes in satellite imagery; we provide human intelligence for every use case.

Data Labelling

Crowdsource human intelligence to label data and create more robust machine learning algorithms. Augment and enhance existing datasets with additional labels to optimise your training datasets. Label and tag products, images, or objects to enhance your machine learning model’s contextual understanding and get more accurate results.

Data Classification

Classify and categorise your data with Sequence. Supplement your datasets with comprehensive data classification. Identify and detect specified criteria for your machine learning projects; be it content moderation for low-resolution images, text classification for spam detection, or classifying support tickets by topic - we’ve got it covered.

Our Process



Share your project expectations and specification guidelines.



Based on your requirements, we’ll spin up a quick 100 task free trial for you to assess our service.



We’ll keep you posted on updates and course-correction as we the project progresses.



Tasks are quality-controlled before being compiled and sent back to you as a deliverable.


Success Stories

We believe that data science and machine learning can drive real innovation not just in the tech industry but across all industries. From healthcare to housing, retail, or schooling. Data science can bring meaning and value to otherwise anonymous data points.

We’re proud to be able to assist these teams in pioneering new ways to solve problems. To do this, our service provides great flexibility to enable smooth project collaboration. Depending on compatibility, we offer custom templates for specific use cases.


Not just the right tools but also the right people. Our specialist contributors allow us to execute the tasks quickly and efficiently. They provide the human intelligence and contextual reasoning that you need to identify, annotate and categorise your dataset.

Sequence contributors are available for English or French language-based projects.

An illustration of a woman and a man contributor. The woman has a chat bubble that reads 'Hello!' while the man has a chat bubble that reads 'Bonjour!'.

Frequently Asked Questions

An icon of a credit card.

How is the payment processed?

We currently accept payments via direct bank transfer in GBP, EUR, or USD. We will start the project once payment has been received.

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What about security and privacy?

In addition to our service delivery contract and privacy policy, we prioritise the security and confidentiality of your data through our platform. The data you provide is uploaded onto our secured servers. The tasks are then distributed in a contextless environment to contributors.

An icon of a CSV file.

What file formats are compatible?

We largely work with JSON, JSONL, and CSV file formats. However, if you have another preferred format, let us know and we’d be happy to discuss.

An icon of an image file.

What about images files?

If you have image data, you can self-host and send us the image URLs. Alternatively, you can send the data to us and we'll host it on Amazon S3 and generate private URLs.

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What about project batching?

We are flexible on the volumes of data that you would like to process and when. We can run the project in small batches with quick cycles or maintain a continuous flow of data.

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Is the API coming soon?

Yes, it’s on its way! We’re working to enhance stability and provide complete documentation. Stay tuned for updates or ask to try our BETA version.

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How can I help to improve Sequence?

We welcome your feedback and suggestions! Talk to us at or on any of our social channels. We often collaborate with our network of data scientists on improvements and upgrades. This process helps us to build a deep understanding of a data scientists' workflow; and in turn, allows us to serve you better.