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How It Works


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Become a contributor! It takes just a minute to sign up. Your account will be verified in 24 hours unless there is a waiting list.


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Take a quick test so we can assess your ability and language skills. We are looking for a good level of attention to detail.


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Complete as many or as few tasks as you like. There are no constraints to how many tasks you can do.


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Get paid for every approved task. As long as a task is correctly done, you will be paid for it. We use PayPal to process payments and you will need an account to receive these payments.

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What You Will Be Working On

Sequence works with data scientists and businesses to process datasets that will be used to teach machine learning models. However, this process still requires human judgement, nuanced interpretation, and analytical understanding to make sure that the data used to teach the machine is correct.

Image Annotation

Identifying objects in images using bounding boxes

Data Labelling

Labelling items with their correct names or attributes

Data Classification

Classifying text or images with the relevant categories

That’s where you come in! As a Contributor, you can help identify, tag, label, annotate and categorise data to provide the right information. Tasks are designed to be simple and as easy to do as possible, but you will require proficiency in English or French as well as a keen eye for detail in order to provide accurate answers.

Frequently Asked Questions

An icon of a laptop.

What do I need to work?

A working computer, a stable internet connection, and a PayPal account. A tablet is possible for some tasks, but in general, it makes it more difficult to work.

An icon depicting an image annotation task.

Who provides the tasks?

We work with companies big and small primarily in the field of data science.

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How is payout calculated?

The payout is based on how many correct and approved tasks you’ve completed. the sum is based on the worker fee per task.

An icon of calendar.

When will I get paid?

We currently do payouts via PayPal on a monthly basis.

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Can I work on Sequence as my primary source of income?

Sequence is not meant to be a primary source of income. We caution you against using it for this purpose because projects vary in volume and frequency.

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I am on the waiting list. When will I be accepted to work on the platform?

The payout is based on how many correct and approved tasks you’ve completed. the sum is based on the worker fee per task.