About Us

Our Company

Sequence is a microtask online crowdsourcing solution for startups, SMEs and corporations. We specialise in building high quality datasets for machine learning and data quality management for businesses.

Our Mission

Our mission is to enable our customers to focus on their core activities, become more productive and cost-effective. Through our various products as well as our crowd of workers, we aim to provide a comprehensive microtasking solution that takes care of high volume manual tasks.

We believe in the importance of having the right data not just for moving technology forward in machine learning but also as the most important factor for data-driven decision making. Therefore our current products for Annotation, Tagging & Categorisation, Data Quality Management, Transcription will allow us to help customers build, prepare, categorise and annotate data for every business need.

What is crowdsourcing?

Crowdsourcing is the practice of obtaining information or input into a task or project by enlisting the service of a large number of people typically via an online platform.

What is a crowdsourcing platform?

A crowdsourcing platform is the combination of a technological product and a remote workforce that solves the problem of scalability, flexibility, accuracy and cost-effectiveness in the micro-tasks field.

Our Team

Sequence is made up of a small and nimble team with experience in the crowdsourcing industry. We’ve built Sequence as a solution for machine learning teams as well as businesses that require high-quality datasets. With our varied backgrounds and expertise, we can deliver on quality and speed with great value.

Andy Ngo

Product & Design

Andy is a self-taught multidisciplinary designer and frontend developer who works at the intersection of design and technology. He believes in code as a design tool and is particularly interested in making businesses more productive.

Charles Morizot

Sales & Operations

Cutting his teeth in the crowdsourcing industry, Charles’s background in project management and process consulting drives him to deliver greater efficiency to customers. He believes that a deep understanding of a client’s business enables better solutions for business processes.

Luc Leray


Passionate about web development from a young age, Luc is a software developer interested in bringing the world of data science and programming together. His interest in machine learning led him to explore new ways of making humans more productive.

Mabel Tan

Product & Content

Mabel is a product manager with a strong product strategy and user research background. She is keen on developing the right products for the right markets and creating smooth user experiences for optimising efficiency.

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